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Our Unit is part of the MVS

About The MVS

The Maritime Volunteer Service is a recognised national maritime training organisation and a UK registered charity with more than 25 units around the country providing training to nationally and internationally recognised standards, serving local communities especially in times of need or emergency and taking part in resilience exercises ashore and afloat.

The Maritime Volunteer Service is a registered charity in England and Wales (1048454) and in Scotland (SC039269). A Company limited by Guarantee No. 3003565.



The MVS educates members in all aspects of maritime and communication skills and knowledge, promotes the preservation of life and property within the maritime environment, helps local organisations and events with skilled support, stimulates interest in maritime affairs, and excites members to achieve through training and helping their local community.


We strive to achieve

We maintain a body of skilled volunteers to:

Support national and local government departments and agencies or support harbour, port, national and local authorities on request.

Support events on land and sea as required by the organisers to assist in the safety and security of the event participants and of the general public in attendance or to provide communication and operational support.

Promote and support a better understanding of the marine environment.

To provide a central and local training provision to which our members and other volunteers can access.

Stimulate the interest of young people in maritime affairs and the water.

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